Parking Structure Cleaning 

First Priority Exterior Maintenance Inc continues to invest into the environment through technology. Our corporate philosophy is to be a good steward protecting the environment at all times. To achieve this we are constantly working with our Equipment Suppliers on cutting edge technology. In our Hardscape cleaning operations we utilize this technology in equipment that allows us to do the all of the above. At the same time we are helping with preserving one of earth’s precious resources Water.

In our Hardscape cleaning division we utilize equipment from Nilfisk Advance one of the top leading floor care companies. In our operations we use the CY-5500 and TR-5500 a closed-loop system that captures water used in the cleaning process, providing for Compliance with environmental storm water runoff regulations. All water contaminants are filtered out and the clean water is recycled and reused. Thus keeping our commitment to being a good steward to the environment and keeping the Business Partner in Compliance with regulations.


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  • ECO Friendly Cleaning
  • Large Structure Cleaning
  • Water Reclaiming, Filtering & Reuse
  • No Discharging Of Dangerous Chemicals Into The Storm Drain System
  • High Hourly Cleaning Volume