Why is it Important for Your Property Maintenance to be EPA and CWA Compliant?

Save Yourself from Penalties and Fines While Protecting the Environment

environment-friendlyProperty Owners are Now Responsible for Proper Wastewater Disposal

Selecting the right company for your pressure washing and property maintenance needs means choosing a company that is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) compliant. Why? Because choosing the wrong company could mean penalties and fines as high as $50,000 each day of non compliance.

When there is wastewater discharging from a pipe or other “point” source into a storm drain, your company is subject to the CWA’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System. Section 301 of the CWA prohibits a point source discharge of pollutants. The most common method of compliance with the CWA is to prevent process wastewater discharges.

First Priority Exterior Maintenance guarantees all their work is EPA compliant, CWA compliant and environmentally friendly. We utilize a triple filtered recycling system that captures the wastewater runoff and the reclaimed runoff is vacuum pumped to our filtration system. Contaminants are captured and the processed water is re-used in the cleaning process.

First Priority Exterior Maintenance complies with the Environmental Protection Agency Clean Water Act, so it protects you from potential fines. Since First Priority Exterior Maintenance reclaims, filters and reuses the wastewater, it reduces water consumption, which saves you money and is good for the environment at the same time.