First Priority Exterior Maintenance Inc has been in business since April 1997. We have evolved into a Full Service Facility Services Company. Our Mission Statement is broken into four categories which we call  B.E.S.T.  


  • Business Partners:  We don’t have Clients or Customers, what we have are Business Partners, who we work with to make them and their facilities look the very best at all times. At the same time ensuring that we are a Fiscally Responsible partner and that we offer our Business Partners at all times the best possible pricing. 
  • Environment:  As the world becomes increasing inter connected, an organization’s green initiatives program can have profound impact on its company, customers, and community. 
  • Stewardship: Always being a good Steward of the environment and giving back to help replace what we use.  
  • Technology: We must always be seeking out new and innovative processes with our Business Service Lines. This will enable us to expand our footprint in our belief of being a Good Steward to the environment. Also with our Business Partners being able to offer them the latest Technology with the best possible results in all our service lines we offer them. Information Technology and how this information is delivered to our Business Partners is vital to ensure that they are kept informed all times about their properties. We pride ourselves on our O.S.I.R. (On Site Reporting System) cloud base reporting system and how this information is delivered to our Business Partners is key to keeping them informed about their properties at all times.


Technology Driven Company

First Priority Exterior Maintenance Inc prides itself on being a technology driven company, constantly monitoring for any new advances in equipment or software that we offer our business partners.

Forward Thinking

Always thinking whats best for our business partners when it comes to their properties with regards to asset preservation.

Problem Solvers

Each of our business partners receives a dedicated account specialist who is their point of contact to solve any issues or problems that they may encounter at their facilities.

Customer Support

First Priority Exterior Maintenance Inc offers complete customer service to our Business Partners. We realize Facilities Operations it’s not a Monday thru Friday 9-5 job. That is why we offer 24×7 customer support for most of our Service Business Lines to our Business Partners.  Our First Priority is total Business Partners success when it comes to their facilities no matter what time or day.